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Hi, I’m Safia Begum

I’m an experienced graduate from Birmingham, UK. I’m a passionate digital marketer, with a proven track record of translating ideas into successful, slick campaigns. I believe that you can have everything you want, including your dream job if you are hardworking, self-motivated and ambitious. I have worn every hat on the rack and leapt over tall buildings at a single bound. I have never let a challenge stop me. Don’t let my sweet smile and quite nature fool you! I have a secret plot for world domination, one campaign at a time.

safia_begum_santander entrepreneurship awards_2016_experienced graphic designerA fork in the road…

When I was at school and in my first two years studying at Aston University, I played it safe. I took the easy option, instead of choosing what I was passionate about. I chose to study business and management, instead of following my creative passions.  I let other people define who I was. As time went on it was became even more impossible to meet the expectations of others and also be happy. In my third year at university, I did a work placement at Aston University, as a research support officer. It was here where I learnt to embrace my creative nature. The versatility of my placement allowed me to implement marketing campaigns, create promotional material and manage social media. I learned to harness the power of the internet and utilise my creativity.

It may have been the scariest and challenging working experience of my life to date. I had no prior experience in marketing or social media, but despite my fears I was able to perform at high levels. The most valuable skills I learned was resilience, surrounding myself with the right people and resourcefulness.

Facing my fears!

Isafia_begum_baldwins_kickstart_competition_2015_experienced graphic designern 2015, after returning from an exhilarating placement year I made an important decision. To follow my dreams. I decided to combine the best of both worlds. My business knowledge from my degree with my creative passion for writing. Inspiration struck and Imagine Forest was created, a story-telling community for children. To make my idea a reality, I made the bold decision to join the BSEEN Programme after graduating, instead of joining a graduate scheme like my friends.

I learnt two fundamental things from Imagine forest. The first is I care more about self-development than money. And the second is that I am braver than I first thought. Building an idea from the ground up into an award-winning enterprise took guts, determination and strong leadership skills. Qualities I thought I would never have.

The Job Hunter

Today, I am seeking a versatile role in marketing or design to match the skills I have developed over the years in the areas of social media management, blogging or even design. In between my job search, I juggle between running Imagine Forest and attending networking event to continuously improve my skills, such as communication and copywriting. Since graduating from Aston University I have been on a mission to be the best I can possibly be. For me that means improving my confidence and living up to my full potential.

I have started my own online journal to help people improve their digital skills and see the full power of the internet. I am continually growing and developing. Every day I aim to learn something new about the digital world and implement it into one of my projects. I believe that my passion can one day lead to great things and most importantly have an impact on the world.

If you are looking for someone to join your company, as a marketing assistant or design intern or think that I may be the perfect fit for another role, just contact me. I am actively seeking work and would love the opportunity to develop my skills and meet new people.