Hire Me Because I am Good at what I do!

As you already know, my name is Safia Begum. Some people call me “Saf” or “Sofia”, whichever is easier to say. On the internet I sometimes go by saf_begum (with an underscore).

I like to see myself as a passionate and enthusiastic individual, who has lots to offer!

I am:

Creative: If you want solutions to problems or a quick doodle of Sully from Monster’s Inc., I can do both!

Perfectly capable of learning new things: I have self-taught myself everything from illustration to social media marketing and I am still learning new things every day! The other day I learnt that I can set reminders to watch my favourite TV shows on my TV!

An awesome multitasker: While writing this, I am watching the great painting challenge on iPlayer, doodling a Disney princess and writing a blog post!

Able to deal with criticisms: My website now includes a hire me page to make it is easier for people to know my availability to work.

Hoping to learn new things: If you think I won’t be interested in working in a small or niche business, then think again! We may both end up pleasantly surprised.

On the internet: I have profiles on Twitter, Behance, Pinterest and Instagram (just started ‘instagramming’ the other day), as well as updating my personal blog.

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