Desktop Wallpaper for October 2017 _ safia begum

The floors are paved with fiery autumn leaves, the days are getting longer and there’s a chill in the air. Yes, it feels like its October. And of course, my desktop wallpaper for October is Halloween inspired. Although there is more to October than just Halloween. For example, 4th October is world animal day and the 11th October is pet obesity day. But staying with my tradition of creating literary-inspired desktop wallpapers, I had to focus this one on Halloween. Why, you ask? Because one of my all-time favourite horror story writers has their birthday on the 8th October and how can I miss this opportunity to create a horror desktop wallpaper. 8th October is the birthday of R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps book series.

Growing up I have always loved reading Goosebumps and then when the TV series starting here in the UK. I remember all the kids at school talking about it. It was the most talked about show at my school and R.L. Stine’s books made reading cool for everyone!

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There were so many cool and creepy monsters I wanted to add to my desktop wallpaper. But sadly, I did not have the time or the space to include every single Goosebumps monster. Instead, I decided to include some of the most famous ones, that also appeared in the more recent Goosebumps film starring Jack Black. This includes Slappy the Dummy,  the Pumpkin Heads,  Murder the Clown, The Mummy and the Werewolf of Fever Swamp. I even included my favourite quote from the Haunted Mask II book:

“Sometimes, It helps to scold yourself, to give yourself advice.”

I love this quote because I hate people who think they are perfect and everything they do is right. I think everyone should reflect on themselves and look at how they could improve. Instead of blaming others! A little criticism can go a long way in self-development and make yourself a better person.

Thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to download your free desktop wallpaper for October! I have included both calendar and no-calender versions, so you can use the wallpaper all year round. See you in November for next month’s desktop wallpaper. I’m thinking something to do with magical wardrobes. I wonder what book this could relate to?