I’m bored! How many times have you said that? Years ago, when I was young I heard someone on TV say “only boring people get bored”. And that is so true! I can’t even remember the last time I used that word. There are so many things you could do if you are lucky enough to get some free time. For example, you could read, play games, host a dinner party, or learn something new. My favourite thing to do is drawing. Drawing can be stressful sometimes, especially if you don’t have the skills or can’t think of anything to draw. Not to worry! Here are over 30 easy things to draw when you are bored. So even if you’re the worst drawer in the world you can draw these easy things.

From a cute little cactus to a baby dragon and even some cute little monsters. These cute and super easy things are super quick and simple to draw! 

30+ Easy Things to Draw When You Are Bored:

You can find examples of doodles in my gallery above or click on the links below:

  1. Doodle art monstersScare those boredom blues away with cute little doodle art monsters. Use any shapes, colours or style you want – that’s the whole point of doodling!
  2. Abstract shapesYou can never go wrong with shapes. See how basic shapes can turn into amazing pieces of artwork!
  3. Mehendi designsI love Mehendi designs, but they can be extremely complex to create. After a little a research I found some easy Mehendi patterns that even an amateur artist such as myself can draw! The wonders of the internet.
  4. Scribbles: We all love to break the rules and lose all sense of direction. So, let’s live in the moment and go crazy scribbling away pages and pages of non-stop scribbling!
  5. 3D bubble writingForget boring old 2D writing, try 3D bubble writing. It’s fun and expressive! You can write your own name, create quote images or posters.
  6. Doodle foodWe all love food, right? Combine doodling and food. You get the best boredom buster ever! Create little doodle burgers, cupcakes and popsicles.
  7. Simple landscapesWe all seen magnificent paintings of the countryside landscape or the sun setting down on the seaside. Want an easy way to draw landscapes? Then draw one out of simple lines and shapes!
  8. Doodle animalsEveryone wants to draw animals. However, not everyone is good at drawing animals. The solution? Draw easy doodle animals out of ovals and triangles.
  9. Patterns and texturesThere’s nothing more relaxing than drawing stripes, waves and spots. Try drawing many empty circles on a page and filling them in with different patterns and textures. It’s an easy way of drawing zentangle-style drawings.
  10. Floral doodlesThe sight of flowers in spring is the most calming feeling. Doodling flowers on a page is the next best thing, especially when you’re living in a concrete city with no natural elements!
  11. Line drawings of treesBecause normal trees are too difficult to draw! Yes, trees are the most understated difficult things to draw. In your head, you think drawing a tree is easy, but in reality, it’s not! Not to worry, these line trees are the easiest things to draw.
  12. Sketch your own calligraphyI have always been amazed by the talents of real calligraphy artists. Their ability to layout text and styles is astonishing. For all us wannabe’s you can try some fake calligraphy. I know the shame! But it’s an easy drawing exercise for beginners.
  13. Spider websThe good ole’ trusty spider web. The number of times  I was bored in class and decided to draw spider webs on the corner of my notebook pages and worksheets! Never gets boring.
  14. Shading thingsThis easy drawing exercise is not only great for killing boredom, but also a nice way to make simple objects more real. Shading objects really brings them to life. Try shading simple shapes such as a circle and watch how they change.
  15. Patterned landscapesWho says that grass has to be green and the sky blue? Create your own little landscapes with striped fields and a polka dot sky. It’s therapeutic and fun.
  16. Stick figuresHere’s a fun drawing exercise. Think of a scenario and draw stick figures on your page acting out that scene. Best of all, stick figures add that extra humour to your artwork.
  17. Emoticon DrawingsEmoticons are everywhere. Why not try drawing you own, happy, angry and sad face.
  18. Swirly patternsWant to be extra fancy with your doodling? Draw some swirly patterns around your text in your notebook or some flourishes to your words.
  19. Trace a human portraitWhile you’re swooning over your celebrity crush in a magazine, get some tracing paper. Trace over their key features. Some artists may take a day to draw a human portrait, but you my friend have done it in under an hour!
  20. Cute Cactus: Prickly, small and in a lovely pot. It’s nice and relaxing to draw a cactus in a pot. You can even design your own patterns on the pot!
  21. Baby Panda: I love panda bears. Especially cuddly, baby panda bears! Why not draw a little bamboo eating panda bear to brighten up your notebook?
  22. Cute Yummy Pizza: Pizza is love or is love pizza? Any way you could draw a little heart-shaped pizza slice with all your favourite toppings on.
  23. Cute Girl: People can be cute. Especially when they are cute doodle people. So don’t over-think it and draw a quick cute little girl or boy doodle. They could even be a doodle of your favourite celebrity or best-friend!
  24. Little Bunny rabbits: Jumping around and wriggly their little nose, bunnies are super cute! Draw one, two or even a hundred little bunny rabbits jumping around your page – Now that’s cuteness to the max!
  25. Baby Dragon Doodle: Dragons aren’t that hard to draw! Especially when they are baby dragons! Just take a look at how cute my little dragon doodle is in the above gallery!
  26. Little Monsters: It’s not an animal and it’s not a person – so it’s a monster! Play around with your creative-mind and come up with some little monsters of your own.
  27. Big-Eyed Owl: Owls are a ball of cuteness! My owl doodle is even shaped almost like a ball with two big ball-shaped eyes. I gave it a scarf so no-one mistakes it for an actual ball. 
  28. Colourful Flowers: Flowers can be pretty. They can also be cute if you give them little cute faces. You really should try drawing some flowers with expressions on their faces – It’s really relaxing!
  29. Pile of Cute Cats: Cats, cats and more cats! I just love seeing a pile of cats – It’s super cute and super easy to draw. Start by drawing one cat and then keep piling them up!
  30. Cute little Doggy: I must admit drawing dogs is hard. But I managed to create one dog that is super simple to draw and great for beginners to try and replicate it – Just find this little doggy in the gallery above!
  31. Cute Chilly Penguin: Penguins get cold too, especially when they’re alone. So if you plan on drawing a lonely little penguin, make sure you give him or her a hat to wear and maybe some clothing if you really want to keep them snug!

Let those creative juices flow with this list of 30+ easy things to draw when you are bored! Still can’t get enough? Check out this mega collection of easy things to draw when you are bored and my cute things to draw Pinterest board. Before you go, let me know what you think of my easy and super cute drawings in the comments below. Are they cute or just meh?