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Magical May is here! Why is May so magical, you ask? For one, we have a beautiful and enchanting desktop wallpaper for May. Secondly, it’s filled with many international holidays, such as International Mother’s Day, International Worker’s Day and the final week is even dedicated to libraries (the true home of magic). And you know what’s even more magical about May? Its birthstone is the mystical Emerald, symbol of love and success. People with birthday’s in May, are more likely to achieve higher success and more love in their life compared to any other months. The Emerald stone, is also the first clue to our May desktop wallpaper author this month.

If you haven’t seen our desktop wallpaper for May yet, then here are some more clues. The featured author this month is truly magical. He has written over 55 novels and even had his work turned into films. Published in 1900, this book was followed by no fewer than 17 sequels. Some of the characters from his books included, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. Have you guessed our May author yet? No! Well, here’s a clue to make the answer even more obvious. The film ‘The wizard of Oz’ (based on this author’s books) become one of the most famous and beloved children’s films of all time. Yes, my May desktop wallpaper author is, Frank Baum! 15th May marks Frank Baum’s birthday, also known as Lyman Frank Baum.

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Of course, Frank Baum is well known for his Wizard of Oz books. The magical journey of a girl named Dorothy, her dog and faithful friends to the Emerald City. The story has everything, magic, creativity, humour and most importantly valuable life lessons. My favourite quote from the book is:

“True courage is in facing danger, when you are afraid…”

What I love about this quote is that it is clear and to the point! Real courage is hidden in facing your fears. If you are willing to face your fears, you not only show bravery, but the ability to control your destiny. Remember, facing your fears can only lead to success. If you always stay in the safe zone you will never move forward or achieve your dreams! This reminds be of a quote from Winnie the Pooh. So, this month I challenge you to do something that you’re afraid of. Attend a networking event, climb a mountain, speak to someone new, anything to challenge yourself. Fear is nothing but a feeling and all feelings can be tamed!

See you next month for another desktop wallpaper

Do you like my desktop wallpaper for May? Can you guess what my next month’s author could be? Norton Juster, Anne Frank, Eric Carle or it could be anyone else!

Thank you for checking out my May desktop wallpaper! Feel free to comment any links to your artwork or stories in the comments below!