I thought I would pay homage this week to the great Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. It is an Irish holiday which is loved by all around the world. Every year on March the 17th people wear green, paint faces or even dye their hair to join the celebration. And who can blame them? A holiday which is associated with rainbows, pots of gold, leprechauns, shamrocks, green beer and phrases such as “Kiss me, I’m Irish?” Sounds fun to me! Before we go on you can see my gallery of St. Patrick’s Day design inspiration above this post.

Since I love design and illustration, today’s post will inspire you to create your St. Patrick’s Day inspired artwork! So keep on scrolling for some awesome St. Patrick’s day design inspiration:

1. Dermot Flynn’s Limited Edition St.Patricks Day Bottle Design by Dutch Uncle

Dutch Uncle have created a bottle design for the Irish Whiskey brand, Jameson. Their use of lettering and illustrations really captures the Irish Spirit! You can even spot some common Irish phrases, such as “It’s Jammers!” to add to the fun and excitement of the branding. See more of their work here.

St. Patrick's Day Design Inspiration_1_safia begum_ graphic designer2. Who Needs Luck? Poster by Olivia Boulton

“Who needs luck when you have a good book” is the motto of this poster! Olivia Bolton has shown that there is more to St. Patrick’s Day than the beer and celebrations. There’s no shame in reading a good book on this Irish holiday, especially one related to the day! See more of Olivia’s work here.St. Patrick's Day Design Inspiration_2_safia begum_graphic designer

3. Labels for St. Patrick’s Day by Joana Fernandes

Joana has created some flat design labels to use on your social media, website or posters. She has captured the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in a simple form, such as a beer icon or a pot of gold. She has used greens and golds to capture the colour of the flag of Ireland. Follow her work here.
St. Patrick's Day Design Inspiration_3_Safia begum_graphic designer

4. St. Patrick’s Day Motion Graphics Artwork by Qi Tong 

Qi Tong has created a short animating video for the day. The animation features shamrocks, leprechauns, gold  and beer. He has even chosen some traditional Irish music to go in his video. You can watch the full video here.

St. Patrick's Day design inspiration _4_safia begum_graphic designer

5. Set of linear icons for St. Patrick’s Day by Lily Mekhonoshina

Lily has created a set of icons to represent St. Patrick’s Day. Her icon set includes a diverse set of St. Patrick’s day objects, everything from a harp to a leprechaun is included. You can see her full set of St. Patrick’s Day Icon’s here.St. Patrick's Day design inspiration _5_Safia begum_graphic designer

6. St. Patrick’s Day Set of Graphics by Olga Davydova

Looking for a set of textures or wallpaper’s to represent the St. Patrick’s Day theme? Olga has got it right!  She has created a set of textures that can be used as a desktop wallpaper or simply as a poster to lighten up any dull room. Check out her St. paddy’s day texture pack here.
St. Patrick's Day design inspiration _6_Safia begum_graphic designer

7. St. Patrick’s day Artwork by Murat Shakirov & Helen Lisis

I love the humour in this piece of artwork! Not only is the catch phrase “to beer or not to beer?” funny, but the designers have used a cut-out effect on the illustrations and font to give it an extra cheeky look.St. Patrick's Day design inspiration _7_Safia begum_graphic designer

8. St. Patrick’s Day Typography Set by Anna Kozlenko

Anna has created a set of calligraphy in the shape of related St. Patty’s Day objects. For example she has written the phrase “The luck of the Irish” in a horse shoe shape to give the phrase a unique touch. She has also used objects such as a shamrock, leprechaun beard and a smoking pipe. See more of her work here.St. Patrick's Day design inspiration _8_Safia begum_graphic designer

9. St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design by John Moorehead

This piece is my favourite, it is a pint of beer wrapped in some foliage. The word “Sláinte” written on the poster means “good health” in Irish Gaelic. I’m sure lot’s of people around the world will be toasting to good health this St. Patrick’s Day. See more of John’s work here.St. Patrick's Day design inspiration _9_safia begum_graphic designer

10. St Patrick’s Day Castle Artwork by Safia Begum

Time for some shameless self-promotion. Yes, I have included a piece of artwork I have created for St. Paddy’s Day. Using different textures and my own lettering I created not only a leprechaun , but a castle made out of shamrocks and gold! I wonder if leprechauns really live in castles of shamrocks? You can see some more illustrations here.St. Patrick's Day Design Inspiration_10_safia begum_ graphic designer

Got any more St. Patrick’s Day design inspiration?

Look at all those shamrocks and gold! Share your St. Patrick’s Day artwork with me, by posting your link in the comments below. I would love to see more of your St. Patrick’s Day design inspiration!