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What are you passionate about? You may have noticed that my desktop wallpaper series this year has all been related to literature (and that’s no different for the desktop wallpaper for August). Each wallpaper has honoured a different author who has inspired generations of youngsters to read. And even taught them some very important life lessons, such as being brave in the face of danger. It is my love for reading that motivated me to create these desktop wallpapers, so others viewing them could be reminded of childhood classics, such as Oliver Twist or Peter Rabbit. And maybe even get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside as they remember their childhood!

The power of writing can achieve anything. Recently I set up a Twitter account called Story Saturday with the sole purpose of encouraging writers of all ages to write. Our most recent challenge was to write a story or poem about tigers for International Tiger Day. I was amazed by the stories and poems I received! Not only were they written beautifully, but also supporting the cause of saving tigers (one of the world’s most endangered species). Yes, the power of writing and spreading your emotions on a page is a beautiful thing! And it all starts off with the childhood classics you read as a kid, whether this was Winnie the Pooh or Dr. Seuss. The books you read as a child shape your future and your way of thinking.

One thing all these stories have in common is sticking to what you are passionate about and not giving up when things get tough. The heroes in all your favourite books go through hardship and difficulty, but in the end they always follow their dreams and stick to their passions. This leads me onto this month’s desktop wallpaper author. This month I have chosen E. Nesbit, the writer of my favourite books, ‘The Railway Children’ and ‘Five Children and It’. Both of which have been turned into highly successful movies!

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To go with this month’s theme, I have selected a brilliant quote from ‘The Railway Children’ to inspire you this August:

“Stick to it,” said Peter; “everything has an end, and you get to it if you only keep all on.”

The number one reason most people give up on something is that it’s requires too much hard work to keep on going. When Edith Nesbit wrote this iconic story of three children trying to get their family together, after their father is wrongfully imprisoned. She wanted to give hope to children everywhere that through bravery and strength you can reach the end of any horrid moment in your life. Over 100 years later this message still lives on strong and is as relevant as ever to children and adults today.

Thin about it. Where would today’s most important leaders be, if they had given up on the first hurdle or few? Nowhere – probably still sitting at home living with regrets. The next time you think that something is “too hard” or will take “way too long” to complete. Think again! Think of the opportunity you might lose and the regrets you might feel. If you don’t get to the end and finish what you started.

So, what are you passionate about? And most importantly are you following your passion at this moment in time?

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