Introducing Safia Begum!
I’m an all-round experienced business graduate looking for work in Birmingham, UK. Creative, organised and full of ideas to excel in any marketing or design related role!
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A Little Bit About Me

I’m an experienced business graduate from Birmingham, UK. I love all things digital and writing in my spare time. I’m not great with introductions, but I’ll give it a shot! The things you may want to know about me are that I’m a 2015 graduate from Aston University, with a first-class degree in business and management (pretty cool eh?). I like to share my thoughts in less than 140 characters and paint with pixels in my spare time. I have experience in both digital and offline marketing, such as social media management, blogging, website content and organising events and implementing successful marketing campaigns. Youo can see some examples of my work here.

I am extremely passionate about self-development and believe that all dreams can come true if you have the passion and courage to chase them. I gain a lot of satisfaction from learning new skills and bits of knowledge which I can implement into my work. It’s how I grow as a person. I started my own website Imagine Forest straight after graduating to focus on the two things I love the most. Which is creative-writing and the digital world. I believe the secret to happiness is doing what you love and being the best you can possibly be! If you want to read more about my journey so far, check out my ‘about me’ page.

I am currently on the hunt for an exciting role in the marketing or design sector. I would love to be part of a team and bring fresh new ideas to the table. I believe, if given the chance I can be a excellent asset to your company.

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